Music and Fashion Combine

Written by Sandra Banuett

When did music start to have such an impact on fashion?

Due to high demand in the last five years for the most popular items at music festivals, the fashion food chain giants GUESS, H&M, Aeropostale etc. introduce lines that represent the music festival revival.

Festival Style Fashionscope
Dolce & Gabbana, MICHAEL Michael Kors, Ashley Pittman


Many companies are sending fashion mavericks such as credible bloggers, stylists and celebrities to scope out the latest looks of the year or to set them with their keen fashion sense. Some of the latest looks have been cut off shorts, fringe, crop tops, bralets and photo real t-shirts and oversized sweater dresses. People spending under a 100 bucks on their outfits to over 1000 either way we see a mix of boho, grunge, bobo, vintage and urban looks all over the camp grounds at Coachella and South by Southwest, which are two of the notorious festivals in the states.

Many people are focusing on music festivals because this is where mass production finds inspiration. In the heart of these festivals we find the innocence of fashion and music. We find the beauty in the youth that create the trends of today. This is where people are real, showing who they truly are through fashion pieces which will soon be the staples for next seasons looks on the runway. At these festivals people are around their peers not being judged or criticized but in fact are movie stars to those trying to capture the essence of their style. Music and fashion are all about expression and individuality and finally people are taking notice. Everyone may buy from a mass department store but are only looking to create a style all their own.

This is a defining point in today’s society where music and fashion combine to create a world that is no longer bound by the typical looks that we once conformed to in the past. We are allowing the consumer to embrace their individuality through fashion and music. Make your mark…”Viva la Revolucion”!!!



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