Fall for the Back to School Fashion

Written by Sandra Banuett

The year is coming into its final months and we can finally prepare for fall season and back to school shopping. We can have fun layering and being cozy in our fashion forward looks as this is the best time for setting and seeing the major trends!

The color trends we will see for back to school are winter white and emerald, both beautiful colors you can pair with any outfit.  Emerald is also known to be the color of the year.

Some of the style trends are military inspired looks along with leopard prints and hats of all styles. Military trends with deep forest green along with chains, rustic buttons and camouflage print. Camouflage will be the perfect pattern for the cute side bag for school or backpack for the guys. Let’s not forget about leopard print. It has now become a basic print that has not and will not go out of style. However, this year is not only the basic print anymore but is coming in a variety of colors that will spruce up the look and have cute graphics to help pull it together for that long day at school.

Ever wake up late for school and not know what to do with your hair? That is always when the hats come in handy! Hats are coming in every style this fall such as fedoras, trucker, baseball hats and beanies, you can never go wrong with a hat with an outfit this fall it will not only keep you warm but fashion forward.

So let’s fall in love with back to school fashion and start layering and making our unforgettable fashion ensembles!


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