Fall Fashion Trends 2013

Written by Sierra Rainbolt

The days of jewel tones and cut offs are quickly dwindling in number as the summer season ends and the fall trends kick in. It’s about time to trade in those flip flops and wedges for some leather boots.

This fall season be sure to stay up to date with the newest trends for a season of fashion! The fall trends for this upcoming season feature two words, bold and rich.

The coloring of the season strays from the typical grey and black of winter and more towards the vibrant colors of burgundy, hunter greens, oranges, and yellows. When choosing your coloring for the upcoming season, think of the rich textures and colors of the trees in the fall and use them for inspiration!

Brunello Cucinelli turtleneck, chino pants

While coloring is very important for the fall trends, so is styling. Use layering to achieve a casual, stylish fall look. If it is too hot to layer thick clothing, or too bulky, try layering lighter layers while mixing fall colors. Make sure you are equipped with a few pairs of quality straight legged jeans in your closet so you can flaunt the classic leather boots that are always a fall necessity.

Mix up your outfits with a fall inspired scarf, hat, or jewelry! This season, fur is making a comeback so be a little daring and throw in some fur to spice up your outfit. Not a fan of real fur? Not a problem! Faux fur is super popular and just as fashionable.

Complete your fall wardrobe with simple hair and makeup, straying from the bole and outrageous looks!

Remember to always check your Fashionscopes for the best looks for this fall 2013!


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