September Astrological Forecast by

september-sky-equinoxThe month’s cosmic activity begins right away on September 1, with the Sun and Pluto demanding that you put forth a little effort. In exchange, you’ll find that previously cumbersome hurdles will become easier to get over.

Practical plans get a boost on September 5, when the new Moon rises in Virgo. Virgo might encourage you to ignore emotions, but keep in mind that a little excitement can go a long way when you’re trying to put the finishing touches on a project.

Of course, luck is just as useful as hard work when you want to get something done. Fortunately, you’ll enjoy motivation and good luck in spades when the Sun and Jupiter align on September 7.

A speed bump then appears when Mars squares Saturn on September 9, creating tedium, delays, and setbacks … with bouts of ill-temper mixed in. Just be careful, for a lack of patience can lead to accidents — something this alignment is infamous for. Luckily, Mercury moves into Libra on this same day, helping you smooth over differences and reach fair compromises.

Things pick up again on September 11 as Venus moves into sexy, seductive Scorpio. Romance will sizzle and feelings — both positive and negative — will become magnified.

Three days later on September 14, lots of activity will keep you on your toes when Venus meets Neptune, Mercury squares Pluto, and Mars says hello to Uranus. You’ll enjoy a day of romantic bliss, deep discussions, and an electric sense of adventure!

On September 16 and 17, Mercury first opposes Uranus and then connects with Mars. Expect lively conversations paired with blunt, honest truths.

Venus and Saturn then get together on September 19 for a cool, sophisticated combination that’s sure to put the brakes on romance in favor of practicality. Meanwhile, a full Moon in Pisces that same day leaves you torn between following your fantasies and keeping your feet on the ground.

September 21 sees a pair of trying planets, Saturn and Pluto, convene. Rather than simply kick back and have fun, you’ll encounter difficult situations that will force you to tackle whatever is necessary.

A month of justice and relationship-building then begins onSeptember 22, when the Sun moves into fair-minded Libra. You’ll find yourself easing up on chores and to-do lists, instead focusing on establishing partnerships and seeking truth.

Venus gets into the action on September 26 and 28 as it aligns first with Jupiter and then Mars for a couple days of schmoozing and sizzling romance!

Finally, the month ends on an intense note as Mercury moves into Scorpio on September 29, when conversations could turn deep and dark!


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