October Astrological Forecast by Astrology.com

The new month gets off to a rocky start on October 2 and 3 as the Sun activates an unnerving alignment between Pluto and Uranus. First, the Sun squares Pluto on October 2, an aspect that will block progress until you take steps to put far-reaching changes into place. Then, on October 3, the Sun sits directly opposite of Uranus, creating a jolt that will exacerbate the frustrations of the previous day.

Fortunately, things will start to turn around by October 5, when the new Moon in Libra provides a chance to wipe the slate clean, start afresh, and let bygones be bygones.

Venus then joins the scene on October 7, when it moves into Sagittarius. This connection offers a healthy reminder that romance is strongest when you and your partner are also good friends.

However, things really start to turn your way on October 12 once the Sun squares Jupiter. Confidence will abound, and you’ll find yourself brimming with optimism and courage!

Then, on October 15, active Mars moves into hard-working Virgo. If you’ve ever wanted to prove to yourself (and others) how much you can get done, this is your chance! Just remember that your way isn’t necessarily the only way.

Three days later, on October 18, the full Moon in Aries opposes the Libra Sun. Your goal at this time will be to strive for individual strength while maintaining an effective partnership. You’ll then hit a lull as Mars opposes Neptune on October 20, creating a day of high anxiety and low energy. Be sure to pay close attention to your hunches at this time.

Mercury throws an even bigger wrench into the mix when it turns retrograde on October 21. Glitches will occur, and you’ll want to avoid finalizing contracts for the time being. All you can do is simply remain patient.

On October 23, the Sun moves into intense, focused Scorpio. Scorpio may be the most brooding sign of the zodiac, but if you set your mind to something now, the Scorpion will also help ensure that nothing will stop you! Two days later, on October 25, the Sun’s alignment with Neptune will act as a wishy-washy antithesis to Scorpio; expect kindness and sympathy to reign.

Finally, determination makes a major comeback toward the end of the month as Mercury and Saturn fall in line with each other on October 29. This connection will immediately be followed by a Mars-Pluto alignment on October 30 that won’t let you give up on anything!


Source: Astrology.com

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