Homecoming Fashion Trends

Written by Sierra Rainbolt

The leaves on the trees are now changing from green to red, pumpkins are beginning to line porches, and homecoming dresses are occupying the storefront windows.  Among pondering which guy might ask you to be his date, whose house to go to for pictures, and whether or not you’ll need a corsage, you are busy planning the perfect homecoming ensemble. From the dress to the shoes to the jewelry to the bra, the homecoming look is one that will leave a lasting impression on your classmates, reflect your personality, and become new Facebook profile picture material. The dresses of the season are gorgeous and it’s about time you create your perfect look that will help create a memorable night.

This fall, it’s all about the detail. Find a dress in your favorite color or one that compliments you and make sure it has the gorgeous detail that is capturing the essence of the trends this fall. Look for dresses that have sequin, rhinestone, crystal, or lace detail to add a little sparkle to your look. Nothing attracts attention like a dress that glints under the homecoming lights! Once you’ve found your bedazzled dress, turn your attention to finding that perfect pair of shoes. The key to finding a perfect pair of shoes consists of two rules. Rule one; try matching the shoe color to the actual detail on the dress. If you have a magenta dress with silver beading, adding silver shoes will complement the detail and let the color of the dress speak for itself! Rule two; the thicker the heel, the better. Although it may be tempting to purchase the five inch spike heel, going for the three inch thick heel will be a better choice in the long run and when the clock strikes midnight, you’ll still be strutting your stuff, not limping with your heels in your hand.

Every girl has the essentials she feels more confident knowing are nearby. Having that lip gloss, concealer, tampon, cell phone, and maybe even an extra contact can make difference between having a flawless night or a disastrous one. The perfect way to carry all of these essentials while still showing off your style is best done with a small clutch that is just big enough for the necessities. This is not the time to be throwing random things you think you might need if a massive disaster happens. Just take what is practical and throw it in a cute clutch that matches your dress! Once you have your dress, shoes, and clutch, all you need now is a good bra. If your dress is one that you can wear your normal bra with, go for it. Buying new kinds of pushups or water bras will just result in being uncomfortable and focusing your attention on that all night, not your cute date. If your dress is strapless or backless, whatever you do, do not wear a sticky bra. Homecoming dances are notorious for being hot and crowded and therefore sweaty. Once you start sweating, that bra will come right off and your night will not be a good one. Like a bra, each dress deserves a unique hairstyle. If your dress is one shouldered, try bringing your hair to the other side in a braid or curly ponytail. If the dress is strapless, let your hair stay down and curl it and add an accessory or braid. If you have a dress with a high neckline or short sleeves, pin it up! Whatever you do, make sure it is secure and hair sprayed. Homecomings can get pretty rough on appearances with sweat, crowds, heat, dancing, and long time periods so make sure that you spray, prep, and primer to avoid any messy situations!

Remember to most importantly have fun and be confident! When you feel good it will come off to others so make sure that whatever outfit you choose for this special event, you are confident about it!


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