November Astrological Forecast

NovemberWith the start of a new month comes new opportunities to take control of your life! 

A tug of war between forces of control and freedom ensues at the very start of the month … but don’t let it concern you too much. When Uranus squares off against Pluto on November 1, it’s simply a reminder for you to shake up the status quo in an effort to make solid progress. And as if to reinforce how easygoing and productive November will be, the Scorpio Sun aligns with Pluto on November 1, helping you resolve any dilemmas that may arise.

A solar eclipse two days later on November 3 also brings newfound productivity — so don’t wait for the New Year to get going on your resolutions! If you start now, the Scorpio Sun will give you the persistence and creativity you need to make miracles happen.

Venus moves into Capricorn on November 5, at which point you’ll want to be prepared to network! You’ll be the epitome of sophisticated chic as you charm even the most challenging of potential business partners.

Expect to hit a slight bump on November 6, when Saturn conjuncts the Sun. Still, keep in mind that any mistakes and delays that pop up will help you trim away excess and move forward most effectively.

Money-making schemes will hit a more prominent speed bump on November 7, when Jupiter goes retrograde. Take this opportunity to consider how many elements of life you value that have nothing to do with money or material possessions.

On November 9, Mercury goes direct, signaling the end of three weeks of delays and glitches; this major event is followed by Neptune turning direct on November 13. Neptune’s effects will be subtle, but your connection to spirituality will have strengthened during this slow-moving planet’s retrograde period.

When the full Moon rises in Taurus on November 17, obstinacy will make agreements difficult. Fortunately, the arrival of Mars and Jupiter on November 19 boosts your enthusiasm and guarantees small, scattered triumphs.

Then, on November 22, the Sun moves into Sagittarius. You’ll be outspoken and eager to pick up new hobbies, and you’ll thrive in mentally stimulating situations!

The month ends as the Sun moves into an adventurous alignment with Uranus on November 30. Why do the same old thing when there are new and exciting possibilities within your grasp?

You’ll reach even greater heights with the help of your November Monthly Forecast, so check it out — today!


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