My daily horoscope experience

Hello fashionscopenistas!

When I was a teenager I loved reading my horoscope on my way to school. I would hear it on the radio and believe in it strongly that I loved the idea of what a horoscope felt like. As I got more into it, I read all about astrology and specially my sign Taurus. I felt that every description I read of Taurus was me! I’m sure many of you feel the same way about your sign. And that’s what’s great about astrology, we all identify with it in some way.

If you are like me and read your horoscope every day at the start of the day or at the end to see if any of it was true, then let’s start sharing our experiences here!

Today my horoscope says: “If the Stars could predict your local weather, they’d say something like, ‘Clear blue skies with a chance of manna from heaven.’ Yes, you’re right — things are looking up. Good fortune is raining on you. The first thing that would occur to some people is monetary gain, but you know that it goes well beyond money. Friendly gestures from complete strangers count for a lot. Then there’s always the possibility of a cosmic revelation. Best of all, your most valued possession may be something that you already have. At least you won’t have to spend quality time looking for it.”

IMG_9683Someone told me that you should only put your energy into horoscopes and readings that are positive. The horoscope for today April 19, 2014 is very positive. I welcome all fortune and right now I do feel I’m fortunate to spend time with my family across borders (Skype is awesome) and doing things that I love. The great thing about fortune is that if you share it, it grows. So although I’m looking forward to raining money, I feel happy, I am healthy, and I am fortunate to have the things that I have at the moment.

So let’s appreciate what we have and feel fortunate that we feel great, have what we need right now and that great things are about to happen, no matter what sign you are!


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