My Daily Horoscope Experience – April 20, 2014

Yesterday, my horoscope said that I would be fortunate all day. I did accomplish more than I did and I was fortunate of that. I feel I got my energy back with that positive email and ready to accomplish more tasks.

Today’s daily horoscope for Taurus says: “Passive resistance is your chosen method these days. You’ll take your time moving toward what excites you, and you won’t budge when driven by those who would exploit you. You’re not afraid, and you’re not giving them the satisfaction of assuming that you are. Plant your feet firmly as you concentrate on the moment. Important decisions deserve your full attention and careful deliberation. Fragile situations will fragment if you try to rush through them. Against all odds, your strength and patience will triumph. These are your cosmic attributes.” 


My boyfriend woke up moody because he has sinuses and started making lots of noise around the house. My horoscope is right. I have to be extra patient today and understanding. Men after all want to be pampered also.

It’s Easter today and we don’t have much planned. I definitely know that working on Fashionscopes and getting things accomplished is what excites me. I’ll wear pink colors just like my fashionscope suggests and add accessories with flowers to follow the trend and plan on having fun and eat chocolate

So for all the Taurus girls that love fashion, today is the day to feel extra beautiful and enjoy the day shine or rain!



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