Best Lunar Hair Calendar for May 2014

latest6When I was a teenager my mom told me that if I wanted to grow my hair it was best to cut it during a Full Moon. At the time I didn’t believe her; however, over time, I started hearing stories that some farmers follow the lunar calendar to grow crops, that the sea tides are affected by the moon; it made me wonder, when is the best time to grow my hair according to the moon?

Ancient farmers noticed the effects the moon phases did to the crops. This is called agricultural astrology and is one of the oldest forms of astrology. It was probably the first use humans made of lunar cycles. They believe that:

  • The Waning Moon brings fair weather (dry environment)
  • The New Moon and first quarter, or waxing phases, are considered fertile and wet
  • The new and first-quarter phases are considered good for planting above-ground crops, putting down sod
  • From full Moon through the last quarter is the best time for killing weeds, thinning, pruning, mowing, cutting timber, and planting below-ground crops.
  • The time just before the full Moon is considered particularly wet, and is best for planting during drought conditions

So how does the Moon relates to hair: Because our bodies are made of 60% of water, it is believed the moon also has some effects on our body; especially hair. The moon phases affect he hair like this:


  • The New Moon phase is best for accelerated hair growth, the body is replenishing its resources, expending less energy and striving to obtain its optimal health peak.
  • The Waxing moon period will promote hair growth, trim, cut hair
  • During the full moon, trim ends to grow thicker and fuller hair
  • From Gibbous phase (after full moon) to the last quarter, Waning phase, is best to remove unwanted hair and retain hair shape as hair grows slower, but beware of cutting too much the body begins to discard the excess nutrients it has stored which could result in thinner hair.

There are a few websites with a lunar hair calendar; However the best one is this one:

May’s 2014 Lunar Hair Calendar from

the next 21 recommended days :
These are the next days, which are especially suitable to cut hair
Weekday Date (D/M/Y) Holiday/special Event
Saturday 03.05.2014
Tuesday 06.05.2014
Wednesday 07.05.2014
Thursday 08.05.2014
Friday 09.05.2014
Saturday 10.05.2014
Sunday 11.05.2014 Mother’s Day
Monday 12.05.2014
Tuesday 13.05.2014
Thursday 29.05.2014
Friday 30.05.2014
Tuesday 03.06.2014
Wednesday 04.06.2014
Thursday 05.06.2014
Friday 06.06.2014
the next not so suitable days:
These days might not be as favorable – it might be harder to get the same results with the same effort
Sunday 04.05.2014
Monday 05.05.2014
Sunday 18.05.2014
Monday 19.05.2014
Thursday 22.05.2014
Friday 23.05.2014
Saturday 31.05.2014
Sunday 01.06.2014
Monday 02.06.2014
Saturday 14.06.2014
Sunday 15.06.2014
Wednesday 18.06.2014
Thursday 19.06.2014
Friday 27.06.2014
Saturday 28.06.2014

The fashionable way to follow the moon is to get a moon watch! It’s the best way to keep track of the moon, and when you need a hair cut, just look at your watch and remember these notes!





Source: Wikipedia

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