Ashley Bridget the designer behind the Zodiac Bracelet Collection

logoBy now you have noticed that we have been featuring the great line of Zodiac Bracelets by Ashley Bridget, but what is this all about?

The Zodiac Collection and more

The recently launched Zodiac collection has proven to be a popular addition to an already well established collection offered by Ashley Bridget and continues to be a stand out collection itself.   The collection offers twelve horoscope charm bracelets representing each horoscope sign, with each coming in three color combinations.

ABFSGALLERYEach style is available in white, black or its relevant element group: earth, wind, fire or air. This gives you the opportunity to individualize your choice and has proved a popular addition to personalize a bracelet to your own style. The gold or silver-colored charm and faux-suede straps is consistent with the successful Expression collection for which Ashley Bridget is widely recognized. Ashley Bridget offers you the opportunity to express who you are as an individual with their collections.

Why is Ashley Bridget so popular?  

Ashley Bridget states, “…no outfit is complete without great jewelry. We believe that true beauty comes from within – it comes from your heart, mind, and the way in which you express yourself.” Simply put, it focuses on the fundamentals.

“Outstanding quality and a serious focus on customer care is the key to our success. Every piece of jewelry is individually crafted, making every piece unique and charismatic. Our team prides itself on using only the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, and will never settle for anything less,” Scott Hutchinson said from Ashley Bridget.

Ashley Bridgetmodel

The ideals and professionalism of this designer brand are clearly popular, with it boasting over 75,000 followers on Instagram and over 300,000 followers on Facebook.  Ashley Bridget is one of the industry leaders in fashion-forward jewelry.

We love the Zodiac Collection because…

The Zodiac Collection fits perfectly to any fashionscope lifestyle: work, evening, or casual. The latest trend is to wear multiple bracelets together, lots of bangles, or tromp l’oeil bracelets (bracelets linked together). Ashley Bridget’s bracelets create this last effortless trend and give you more free time to get ready for the day. We’ve paired a color to each of your fashion horoscopes to add on to the positive energy that July Horoscopes will bring to you. Each bracelet holds the best personality traits associated with each sign, in line with Ashley Bridget’s image as a positive and uplifting brand.


Shown here: Aquarius June Evening Fashionscope

For more ideas on how to wear your zodiac bracelet and feel great from the outside in, view your June fashion horoscope matched to your Zodiac Bracelet on  

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