Best and Bad Lunar Haircut Days for July

The Lunar phases influence sea tides, farming, and even our hair growth!

Follow these dates for the best days to cut your hair or to retard it.

The Best Days for July :
These are the next days, which are especially suitable. To go back to the overview of all activities, which are currently included in the moon-sign-calendar, chose “Activities” from the menu or press Backin your browser
Weekday Date (M/D/Y) Holiday/special Event
Monday 30.06.2014
Tuesday 01.07.2014
Wednesday 02.07.2014
Thursday 03.07.2014
Friday 04.07.2014
Saturday 05.07.2014
Sunday 06.07.2014
Monday 07.07.2014
Tuesday 08.07.2014
Wednesday 09.07.2014
Thursday 10.07.2014
Friday 11.07.2014
Sunday 27.07.2014
Monday 28.07.2014
Tuesday 29.07.2014
The Days to Retard Hair Growth in July
These days might not be as favorable – it might be harder to get the same results with the same effort
Friday 27.06.2014
Saturday 28.06.2014
Sunday 29.06.2014
Saturday 12.07.2014
Sunday 13.07.2014
Wednesday 16.07.2014
Thursday 17.07.2014
Friday 25.07.2014
Saturday 26.07.2014
Tuesday 12.08.2014
Wednesday 13.08.2014

To know more about the Lunar Influences on Hair Growth click here.

July’s 2014 Lunar Hair Cutting Calendar from

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