Zodi’s – Trendy Zodiac Jewelry for the Zodiac lover

tauruszodis7Zodiac jewelry never goes out of style. I’m a Taurus and I love wearing jewelry, but I’m going to be honest, sometimes I go through stages. There are times when I just wear statement earrings, others no necklace and no earrings; but I always wear a fashion ring and bracelets.  When we accessorize we add an extra touch to our outfit. We convey an extra sense of ourselves. This can be anything from being fashionable to just wearing something because, it sends a message, we hold a nice memory, someone close to us gave it as a present, or for good luck. Moral: accessorizing represents something.

Everyone’s eyes are on us now thanks to how much we interact on social media, blogs, and websites. Fashion is a great way to express our selves and “talk” to others. Everything is so personalized now! You can now personalize a coke can! 1504510_266770753473727_344830836_o

There’s a great zodiac jewelry line that you can use as a great way of expression. ZODI’S is an emerging jewelry fashion line that focuses on the style and characteristics of each Zodiac sign, just like Fashionscopes!

The designer behind this fabulous brand is Brittany a Scorpio and a New-Yorker at heart.Brittany Designer of Zodi's Jewelry Having grown up in what through the years has developed to a hip, ultra-trendy & fun neighborhood in Brooklyn – Williamsburg, this neighborhood is all about individualistic and cool style. I also lived there, and can totally relate to Britt, her designs, and her love for the Zodiacs.

When I received my rings, my first thought was awesome, I love almost everything that says Taurus on it. Britt totally gets the newest trends. Right now one is to wear a ring on the upper part of the finger. tauruszodis3The Taurus long ring fits really nice and most of all makes me feel in fashion, cool, and with an air of authority and in control.

When I want to go more serious and simple the symbol ring is perfect. It says who I am with subtleness.tauruszodis13

Cannot wait to see new designs from ZODI’S.  ZODI’S offers quality jewelry, accessories and tops that are custom made.

ZODI’S is for those who love zodiac inspiration as much as they love reading their fashionscope.

Perfect for the coming holiday parties and for presents, visit ZODI’S shop now.



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