10 new ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day this 2015!

5090593-love-or-romantic-relationship-concept-presented-as-mathematical-equation-with-hearts-colorful-stickyValentine’s Day is nearly here. Some people love this day some dread it and some don’t care!

This year however, why not do something different especially if you and your significant other have been together a long time now and are out of presents and activities ideas.

Variety is the spice of life and if you’re looking to really shake up your Valentine’s Day then we have ten unique ways in which you can do it.

1. Volunteer your heart

Volunteer your heart this 14 February by doing some charity work in your local area. Get involved in a community project or take on some themed fundraising – just make sure you spread the love!

This is a great activity to enjoy with a partner and will give yourself great personal satisfaction too. You could also send letters and chocolates to local care givers to show your appreciation of them.

Check out: VolunteerMatch.org for local volunteering or Volunteer Opportunities listed by the U.S Department of State

2. Experience a different culture right at home

Bored by American traditions? Travel the world on Valentine’s Day by celebrating the day in the style of other cultures. Whether you imitate Japanese women who buy chocolate gifts for the men in their life with specific treats designed to reflect different relationships or follow the Finnish footsteps by celebrating Friends Day instead, there are plenty of alternative options out there.

3. Go on a group date

Want a date with a difference this Valentine’s? Why not share your love amongst a wider group and invite friends round for a group date? This might work best with coupled friends but you can always play cupid and invite a few singles along too if you like. Alternatively, organise a separate night on the town with single friends to reduce any pressure they might feel by being surrounded by couples.

Group dates are great fun but you remember you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant. Why not get the men to cook while the women set the table with lovely flowers and the best china?

4. Mix up your presents

Traditional Valentine’s gifts such as chocolates and flowers are great but why not try something different and opt for a more personalised present. A mix tape is a cheeky reference to the past and works particularly well if accompanied by a homemade scrapbook or photo album that documents your journey as a couple.

View these perfect home made ideas or if you have no ideas at all get them the perfect gift based on their Zodiac with our Valentine’s Day Fashionscopes!

5. Don’t celebrate on 14 February

Just because everyone else celebrates Valentine’s on 14 February doesn’t mean you have to. Mix things up a little and move the date of your celebrations to make it more special. If you’re heading out for dinner or going away then you might find moving the date keeps your budget in check too!

6. Reinvent the bouquet

Girls love flowers on Valentine’s Day. Reinvent the usual Valentine’s bouquet by opting for strange and unusual blooms that represent your partner’s character or use flowers to spell out a romantic message in your home. This works particularly well if you have a very special question to pop…

Aboutflowers.com can help you match the personality to a bouquetfollow our Zodiacs and Flowers guide, or give a lovely plant (last longer!)

7. Make it a family affair

If you have kids then why not include them in the day? Have them make heart-shaped jellies, biscuits, cakes and treats to enjoy on the day or throw a special romantic party for them and their friends. If you’re little ones already have their own pint-sized sweetheart then why not help them make a card to send?

8. Pack a picnic

It might be a little bit chilly in February but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice romantic picnic! If the weather makes sitting outside out of the question then bring the blanket indoors and set up in front of the fireplace or in a secluded part of the living room.

Keep the lights turned low and surround yourself with candles, flowers and romantic decorations – scented incense and candles are highly recommended. Pour a glass of wine and eat delicious strawberries together for an experience that is inexpensive yet unique.

9. Write a poem

Poetry was once a traditional Valentine greeting but over the years many of us have chosen to leave the creativity to card makers rather than having a stab ourselves. Make 2015 the year that this changes by putting pen to paper and writing your other half a poem. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to get good results and those with musical talent can always write a song instead.

Our favorite love poem authors are Pablo Neruda, Collections, Rumi, Shakespeare

10. Give the gift of time

Struggling for a sentimental gift that won’t cost a fortune? Think outside the box and give the gift of time by presenting your partner with trading chores or doing all the chores or finishing a DIY project you’ve been putting off for the past months or it could be something a little more intimate, such as a sensual massage – the choice is yours.

Remember is the little things that count.

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