Total Solar Eclipse on March 20 Effects on the Zodiacs

Eclipses stand for some kind of meaning, and usually it is means a change.

Back in the Middle Ages and beyond, eclipses were seen as a bad omen. If astrologers from this time saw an eclipse coming, they suspected a bad event was right behind it, whether it be war, famine, or certain death.

In our modern times, however, we see eclipses in a whole new light – Conscious Awareness. Astrologers now teach us that they’re times of personal growth and ever-growing opportunity. And, of course, your chart can tell you much more about how lunar and solar eclipses will affect you on a personal level. When looking at your Natal Chart, find where Pisces is, then find *30 degrees. Take a look at the area of life (house) and any other planet’s it may be in relationship (aspect) with. This gives you more in-depth understanding of how it relates to you and your life as well what opportunities may arise. If you don’t know or aren’t familiar get your astrological chart from FREE Psychic Reading or schedule a Transits Reading with a trusted Astrologer.

Solar eclipses almost always happen during a new moon, as opposed to lunar eclipses, which only happen during full moons. Essentially, this makes them complete opposites. And, being the opposite of a lunar eclipse, solar eclipses focus mainly on the beginning of things. Now, while they signal the mark of beginnings, don’t particularly PLAN anything to begin. By beginning, we mean beginnings that come as a surprise, so to speak. So, while these events may be cultivating over a period of time, they will come on as a surprise.

First Solar Eclipse of 2015

new-moon-piscesc-total-solar-eclipse-300x300The first, a total, occurs on March 20, and falls in Pisces, a sensitive and emotional sign. You’ll be able to view this eclipse if you live along northern North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. Because this solar eclipse falls in Pisces, our emotional sign, beginnings could be quite upsetting. Possibly, this could be because of the ending leading to the beginning. Be open and embrace this experience to get the full positive benefits.

It feels like this is the end of the Piscean Age.  It offers us a choice—embody and incarnate the spiritual lessons of the Piscean Age or fall into the delusions that age fostered. Either we step up into our responsibility to the world to create a new vision, or we step back and retreat into the collective delusion of patriarchy. Pisces also attunes one to the transcendental realms and helps one to experience compassion, love and to know one’s true nature: Consciousness.

This might be the only solar eclipse at 30* Pisces in over 5000 years (2000 BCE – 3000 CE).  If it is the only solar eclipse at 30* Pisces, this is another indication that we are really at the ending of a big cycle.  We are indeed embarking on a mysterious journey into the unknown. The past 5000 years have seen the rise to power of Patriarchy, a form of society that places the highest value on the rule of Men and which degrades the value of Women and the Divine Feminine powers of life.  As we can see all around the world, we are at the tipping point of women’s equality with men.  It’s coming in the outer world, and the inner patriarch in men and women will be dying out as women reclaim our own ways of being and doing, as well as our unique feminine gifts and talents.  Once men see who we truly are, their own feminine side blossoms as well.

Pisces 30 degrees Solar Eclipse

Effects on the Zodiac Signs

A total solar eclipse blocks out the face of the Sun, disrupting old patterns of energy and energizing new ones. Since it occurs at the last degree of the zodiac, it’s a good time to meditate and open up to the new energies being generated.

With the Sun, Moon, Chiron, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, our spiritual awareness is open and attuned to the unseen realities, and we can more easily receive information from these other dimensions via our right, imaginal brain.  Our compassion, imagination and faith lead the way now.

Uranus and Mars are in Aries, signaling a time to act on our inspirations and for our freedom.  Mars can be selfish in the sign of Aries, but this Aries energy is balanced by the North Node in Libra, which is calling on all of us to step away from anger and aggression and start using our will and assertion to foster more balanced and fair outcomes to relationship issues.

Saturn turned retrograde at 5* Sagittarius on Saturday, March 14th until August 2nd.  It will retrograde back into the last degrees of Scorpio this summer, revisiting and redeeming any last vestiges of intimacy issues we didn’t deal with over the past 2 ½ years.

Now is the time to be courageous and take action on your inspiration. Even a small action or step will have ripples into the future. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces at *30 degrees brings the themes of feeling highest level of inspiration and expressing its courage. This New Moon is technically on the cusp of two astrological signs, which represents experiencing and expressing both qualities, Pisces and Aries.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015 in Pisces Message 

Have courage and confidence to brings dreams into reality now even if the path in front of you is a brand new one. Be open to the possibility of magical surprises when following the subtle nudges and intuitive guidance from your soul. It is within the unknown that anything is possible.


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