Top Fall/Winter Trends 2015 for the Zodiacs

This Fall/Winter 2015/2016 is full of multiple trends from head to toe. We have collected to top wearable trends for the Zodiacs and help them look and feel great on top of their fashionscope.


21st Century 

Think: A skirt lines, Vinyl, Sequence, Rivets, Leather, Asymmetrical cut, Lurex, Patent Leather, Geometrics.

Time after Time

FW 1516 - Time After Time

Think: New Victorian styles of ruffles, Velvet, Peasant Blouses, Military, Pleats, High Necks in Lace, Ample Sleeves and Ball Skirts

Wrapped Up

Think: Bell Bottom Pants, Wide ankle pants, Ponchos, Long Sweaters, Turtle Neck dresses, Sweater dresses, Big Sweaters, Suits.

LIttle Girls

Think: 70s dresses, Gogo Boots, Flower Print dress, Collar dresses, Ruffles, Pastels, Animal Drawings.

One Shoulder Peek

FW 1516 - One Shoulder Peek

Think: One Shoulder dresses, One Shoulder tops, Strapless

Emo Goth

FW 1516 - Goth Emo

Think: Punk, Heavy Rock, All Black, Spikes, Shiny Greys, Asymmetrical styles, Full on Leather, Slashed Pants, Mini Skirts over Slashed Tights, Chain and Stud Detailing,

Forever Bohemian

Think: Traditional dress from an array of cultures, playfully printed dresses, rich embroideries and nostalgic knits.

Little Bits of Fur

Think: Fur embellishments on any thing.

Bouncy Skirt Hems & Gladiator Style Skirts/Dresses

Think: Long Skirts with wide, bouncy hemlines & Gladiator skirts or Car Wash splits on skirts and dresses.


Capes Gallore

Coats with Fur Trims

FW 1516 - Furry Cuff CoatsACCESSORIES

Bling Jewellry & Large Statement Earrings, Turtleneck Dickies, Long Gloves Glamour


Flat Boots, Gogo Boots, Loafers & Fashionable Tights.

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