Guide to having positive energy all day long

Some of us are so involved in daily routines we are not conscientious of what we transmit to the world via our energy and unspoken actions. Have you ever been asked or told that you’ve woken up on “the wrong side of the bed?”, stayed in a bad mood all day, felt bad, sad, or just not “shinning” as you usually do? All of this experiences indicate that our energy from the moment we go to sleep and wake up, go on to affect the rest of our day.

Start the day by centering in love and compassion.

Everything we do is interdependent. A persons action acts as a ripple in the pond, moving out and affecting the rest, you have the power to decide the action creating those ripples will be from love and compassion.

When you focus your mind to a task, it will expand in your experience. If you target your attention on the qualities of love, compassion and peace, they will expand, not only in your own life, but spread wider out into the world.

Picture by BreedIngfra

The benefit of having the potential to affect others with our own energy and state of being also comes with a great responsibility. When we walk into a room our energy emits from us, our energy creates a ripple that can affect everyone we meet. If you are centred in love and compassion, you communicate this to others, if you are full of judgement, hostility and anger, you communicate this too.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” By remembering this powerful quote as soon as we wake up, we will can start the day with positive energy and an optimistic outlook.

Connecting to you true self 

We do not live in peaceful times and there are conflicts all across the world, but your thoughts and actions can have an effect to the greater collective. Rather than adding to the existing negativity and unrest with reactionary feelings and thoughts of anger, fear, blame, you can focus your mind on peace, compassion and loving compassion.

 Picture by Suzanne Schroete

“The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In focusing on peace and compassion, you are focusing on your true self. You are syncing with the part of you which is already at peace and already compassionate. Although this can not always be an easy task, you will always find the light in the darkness. You never lose your connection to your true self, as it is who you really are. As your day goes on, remember: “Happiness is not something made. It comes from your own actions” – Dalai Lama

The helpful aid of meditation and reading your horoscope

Each time you meditate, your perception becomes a bit clearer and you let go of accumulated stress and allow a clearer centred person to emerge. In the restful awareness of meditation, you can transcend the mind’s fears and unrest and get in touch with your soul.

Meditation can be extremely refreshing for your mind, allowing it to gradually unravel limiting and conditioned thought patterns and judgements, freeing you to be closer to who you really are. When you see your true self, it opens the pathway towards peace and compassion.

Picture by Suzanne Schroeter

When you read your favorite daily horoscope, always remember to focus on the positive aspects of it. Train yourself to do this to strengthen your positive energy and outlook. You want to continue surrounding yourself with love and compassion. This should also persist in our thoughts. The moment you read a negative word, stop, and not read the rest. For some strange reason, it is more natural to believe the negative aspects of a horoscope than the positive. Believe in your true self, in the fact that great things happen to you and that you have the power to go breakthrough the bad.

Go to sleep with love and compassion. 

Memorize your favorite quote of love, peace, and compassion and read it right before you go to sleep. We have mentioned a few here, you can find many great ones from Remi, Maya Angelou, Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus, Your Religion, etc. Hug yourself, give good night kisses to your loved ones (and mean them). And foremost, sleep with a smile.

“I am the love I’ve been praying for. I am the truth I’ve been waiting to hear. I am the happiness that I have been waiting to feel. I am the love, trust, and happiness in myself. I know it.”


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