April Casual Fashionscopes 2016

April 2016 Fashionscopes

You can chart your own course in life with very little opposition from others. There is a Solar Eclipse in your own Sign on April 19th, so take a reduced schedule a few days before and after. This eclipse brings long-term changes to your image and personal appearance. Bloom like a flower with the Floral Story trend. You will redefine your personality and thus how you appear to others.

Aries April Casual Fashionscope 2016

With your Family Planet crossing your Ascendant from April 19th onwards, family issues are even more important. Family is not only important for its own sake, but seems part of your image. A child on the breast or on the arm becomes as much a fashion accessory; however, you’ll convey both family values and a smart image wearing the Shine Bright trend.

Taurus April Casual Fashionscope 2016

Once you get clear on your goals, you will execute them successfully. With the Solar Eclipse on the 19th, it won’t hurt to take a reduced schedule that day. It occurs on the cusp of your 11th and 12th Houses, showing long-term change in your spiritual life, spiritual techniques and methodology, and with friendships. A friendship will get tested. For this energy is best to wear the Vintage Finds trends to see what you connect with and not.

Gemini April Casual Fashionscope 2016

There is power in Aries, the Moon is waxing and most of the planets are in the Eastern sector of your Horoscope. Push forward boldly towards your goals. With the Vintage Finds trend you can make life as you want it to be and make things happen for yourself.

Cancer April Career Fashionscope 2016

There is a shift of planetary power, you want to create your own destiny and rise and fall by your own efforts and merits. The Solar Eclipse on April 19th gives you the opportunity to upgrade and refine your image; it is also showing career changes. Go through them with the Floral Story trend.

Leo April Casual Fashionscope 2016

Jupiter and Pluto involved with home and family issues are retrograde. Thus, these areas are going to need time to resolve. With your Ruler retrograde and with the Pajama Party trend it is a good time to think about the kind of conditions you would create. You will have the opportunity and the power to put these ideas into practice.

Virgo April Casual Fashionscope 2016

In April 2016 when something goes wrong, you will bounce back with more determination. You are rather adventurous, wear the Hola Bonita trend, this month and try new sports or activities or weekends away to places that challenge and educate you. You want to stretch yourself this spring, both physically and mentally.

Libra April Casual Fashionscope 2016

There is a Grand Square in the Heavens this month that impacts you strongly. Big projects are under way in your life, you have a lot of balancing to do. Never lose sight of your goal. Health needs more attention now. The Solar Eclipse announces changes in your health regime. To help you with all this energy, wear the Floral Story trend.

Scorpio April Casual Fashionscope 2016

Most of the planets are still below the horizon, so put more emphasis on the family now. With the Pajama Party trend you will find your emotional comfort zone and you can achieve more. From this harmonious space you can achieve more. Since the Sun rules your 9th House, every Solar Eclipse brings religious and philosophical revelation and change. Religious beliefs get tested.

Sagittarius April Casual Fashionscope 2016

In April 2016 it is essential for you to get to work on having fun and letting your hair down. If something is not going your way, just drop it and forget all about it. Saturn, the planet-ruler of the sign of Capricorn, in April will also play the role of the “heavenly leader” of the earth trine, thanks to which people born under this sign will be protected from nearly all negative effects.

Capricorn April Casual Fashionscope 2016

Health needs watching after April 20th. Reduce your schedule. Focus your energy the really important things. A time for practising flexibility and social skills. The Moon of the 5th occurs in your 9th House, giving you extra energy to succeed in educational and religious ventures. Your paths to greatest fulfillment are the deeper things of life, personal transformation, home and family life, children and personal creativity.

Aquarius April Casual Fashionscope 2016

With the Solar Eclipse on April 19th your bank or brokerage gets taken over or sold, and you have to adapt to all kinds of new procedures and rules. Keep focused on priorities and let lesser things go. Most of the planets are below the horizon, and your 4th House is strong, so understandably you need to get into the ‘right state’ and function from there.

Pisces April Casual Fashionscope 2016

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