Specially Meant for You with our Zodiac Flower Guide

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woman holding flowers artFlowers have always been a great gesture whether to give, receive, or buy for oneself or home, they are meant to brighten up a room, create an ambiance or send a message. Each Zodiac’s personality is also reflected on flowers. Follow our Zodiac Flower guide to give a more meaningful gift or to enhance your surroundings. The greatest part is to know that it was specially meant for you!


March 21 – April 19

Aries are conquerors and trendsetters; naturally driven with energy, light and power thanks to their element fire. They have a smooth confidence that attracts a wide variety of friends and business partners. People can’t resist their energy, charm and grace.  They are the first of the flower signs and so you are assertive and a natural leader of the vine.

Birth flowers: Daffodil (March born), Daisy (April born), Honeysuckle/Tiger Lily (Aries) : Aries flower…

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