This blog is for those who love fashion and astrology. In here I, Eva, co-creator and editor of FashionScopes, along with great fashion collaborators, give fashion tips, talk about astrology events, among other things. Reading the horoscope has been part of my daily routine ever since middle school. To my friends and family it was no surprise that I had come up with the idea of creating fun horoscopes about fashion!

What are fashionscopes?

Fashionscopes are monthly style and fashion horoscopes that bring together the current trends of fashion and fit them to each astrological sign characteristics.

Who is FashionScopes for?

Fashion meets astrology at FashionScopes. This is a website for those who share a passion for fashion and astrology. A great way to empower and make each one of us shine as the stars that we are now more than ever.

Why do I need FashionScopes?

Do you read your horoscope? Do you constantly wonder what to wear? Do you wonder what outfit will make you feel beautiful, powerful, and fabulous for that meeting at work? For that night out with your friends or loved ones? For any day of the month? If so, then FashionScopes is for you! FashionScopes is the stylist of the zodiac signs. Find your zodiac style and the latest fashion trend news all in one place. We not only give great outfit ideas with the newest trends in the market but also a quick link to get them, fashion news, and celebrity trends.

*Pictured: Eva & Leslie – creators

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